A Plan – Norway

Note : there is a very short tourist season – Hotels, restaurants, and tour companies have a short two-month season in which to make their hay. It’s deadly quiet even in early June or early September.

The Fiords



Boat Cruises

The Geiranger Fjord Cruise & Flam Railway

The only disadvantage of this is that only 2 days are spent on the boat, incliding one night at sea, so you miss some of the scenery,

Stemmo’s alternative

Bergen to Flam by rail

Then Flam to Bergen by regular ferry


Here is another great Cruise – Hurtigruten Classic Round Trip Voyage

12 days there and back, or 6-7 days one way




Akers River

Ride the subway to the top of its Akers River Valley and stroll downhill through a long riverside park — once the city’s churning industrial zone, with factories belching and waterwheels spinning.

The Akers River, though only about five miles long, powered Oslo’s early industry: flour mills in the 1300s, sawmills in the 1500s, and Norway’s Industrial Revolution in the 1800s.



Cafes & Restaurants


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