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Porto has an elegant charm

It seems like it hasn’t changed for a century, fortunately it’s not overun by holiday villas and apartments like so much of the southern coasts or Portugal and Spain.


The Majestic Cafe

One of the worlds top 10 cafes


Lello Bookshop

Famous for its staircase, (it features in a Harry Potter movie), so is very popular with tourists, you have to line up for a ticket to get in, but it is a bookshop, where you can browse and buy.


Churches adorned in blue tiles


The Railway Station


Portuguese Dining

So many places along the river



The River

Porto is at the mouth of the Douro River, most of the cafes, bars and restaurants are along the north bank looking across to the port houses on the southern side


Best place to stay – a river view

A stunning view of the river and port houses on the otherside of the river, downtairs you can walk to about 50 bars cafes and restaurants

for more details, Oporto Home – River Front



The best place to stay and spend leisurley hours is the north bank, opposite on the southern bank are the port houses, close enough to walk to.

You can also reach the city center easily, there is a funicular railway from Ribeira to Batalha, thence walk or tram to the city center, Majestic Cafe (aim to get there at 10:00am), from there across town to the Lello Bookshop (Livraria Lello), then maybe the Railway Station (Porto Sao Bento). Click on the maps to enlarge.

Stretching along the northern bank are most of the cafes and restaurants, far more than are shown here